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Our emigration to Austria

Our emigration to Austria

You have people who have been dreaming about living abroad for years and just don't dare or can't make that decision. Or you have people who have been going to the same place on vacation for years and would like to stay there to build a life.

And then you have us...... 

We are often asked why we emigrated and how we have fared so far. To be honest, we never thought about going abroad. We lived beautifully in Vinkeveen, detached by the water and our children are already adolescents, 16 and then 13 years old. By chance we came across a vacation park for sale in Carinthia, Austria. Actually we found this very attractive, located on a lake and close to a ski resort. How cool is that?

We booked a last minute vacation to Winterberg in December 2019, but because we found the park very attractive we decided to drive on after our vacation towards Austria to have a look. We loved the park, the surroundings and the location. After proper consultation with the children we decided to go for it.  We quickly had our house appraised, made a business plan. Unfortunately the park was sold to someone else, but because we had already mentally prepared ourselves to go on an adventure, we decided to go back to Austria to look at a guest house, also nearby. The guest house was mega large and had a huge amount of overdue maintenance. Soon after our return there were the first cases of corona and everything changes very quickly. We decided to wait a while with our decision to buy the guest house.

But during the corona period/lockdown we kept looking on the internet and found a house with 5 apartments at the ski slope in Bad Kleinkirchheim with a real estate agent. The village is familiar to us, we have eaten here 2 times. The available drawings, videos and photos give us a good impression from a distance and actually the choice is made for us.  This is the house where we will start a new adventure with our family. Because of our construction background we can easily transform the house to our liking, even though it is still a major renovation. In fact, we had already bought, renovated and decorated the house beforehand. During the viewing it became clear why it had been for sale for 2 years, but we were impressed by the beautiful views over the village and mountains and the possibilities the house offers.

We had to act quickly, sell our house and no big farewell, but in a small circle by the corona measures.  It all goes very messy in the end, but at the end of October 2020 we left for Carinthia with a bus full of things and got the keys to the Waldvilla.

Emigrating to a village where we only ate 2 times, in a country where we only came as a transit to Croatia. How crazy is that? Very crazy! But to this day, not one moment of regret about this decision. It gives a lot of energy and we feel very happy. Our children are doing great and we are very proud of them. Without their support, commitment, enthusiasm and perseverance we could never have taken this step.

The Waldvilla has been beautifully renovated and we can't wait to welcome our guests.

And if you ever consider emigrating.......just do it! 

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Published 07-06-2021 / Copyright © Waldvilla