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The end of 2021

The end of 2021

A look back at a turbulent, but fantastic 2021.

A year where corona has further determined life resulting in (long) lockdowns, restrictions, pcr tests and G rules; 3G, 2G to now 2G+. Who could have imagined that this would take such forms?

But we prefer to look at the positive.....

A year where we could finally see the results of our long renovation, where we were allowed to receive guests for the first time, where family could finally visit us and friends surprised us with a visit.

We met new people, we had to adapt, we explored our surroundings and we grew even closer together as a family in this beautiful place. Every now and then it remains incredible, what a step we have taken!

For us as city people we go back in time 20 years here, but it feels good. Familiar, back to basics.

And if the basis is good you can build on it. We hope we can build a bright future here. We are very happy with the house, the place and the result.

Hopefully we can also make many guests happy. We are looking forward to it!

We wish everyone a fantastic, healthy and loving 2022. Stay healthy!

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Published 31-12-2021 / Copyright © Waldvilla